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"I’m always moved by unrest or agitation... that’s what moves me. We need to shake things up. We like to be shaken up.” -Alyse Lamb, singer/guitarist of Parlor Walls

Parlor Walls formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2013 by singer/guitarist Alyse Lamb and drummer/keyboardist Chris Mulligan.    The duo has released two EPs on the Famous Swords imprint (2014's Suspenseful Music and 2015's CUT).  Parlor Walls signed with the New York-based experimental/avant-garde record label Northern Spy in 2016, releasing the critically-acclaimed debut LP Opposites (2017) and their most recent work, EXO (EP).

Parlor Walls has supported James Chance, To Live And Shave In L.A., A Place To Bury Strangers, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Priests, Rhys Chatham, and more.   

"Parlor Walls convey urgency with a forcefulness that’s both convincing and sophisticated... [they] approach aggression with an agility that’s rare no matter what style of music you look at."  -Pitchfork

"Parlor Walls' 'Low Vulture' is a pulsating behemoth of passion and agitation" - The Line of Best Fit

"Its a bracing listen... songs mix rhythmic urgency and harmonic ambiguity, aiming to deceive and unsettle rather than bludgeon and thrash."  -SPIN

"Alyse Lamb can shriek like Yoko Ono, belt like Screaming Females' Marisa Paternoster, and sing a pentatonic scale like Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki in the course of one song." - Village Voice

"NYC experimental trio Parlor Walls are really doing something different... walking a weird line between post-rock and avant-garde and something else entirely."  -No Smoking Media

"The dexterity of each member, from Mulligan’s multi-tasking drumming to Lamb’s full throttle command of the stage [is] a totally transformational performance." - Popmatters