Parlor Walls “Lunchbox” b/w “Spinning Gold”

First single off of Heavy Tongue, Parlor Walls’ second LP.

‘“Lunchbox” is forever building, adding and adding until the final moments of claustrophobic boogie. “Spinning Gold” relies on a heavy riff and slow mounting rhythmic stampede, each crack of the toms as heavy as a ton of bricks. Parlor Walls have consistently pushed themselves with every release, never resting on their laurels, never creating the same record twice.” - Post-Trash

Release Date: November 2019


Parlor Walls "CUT" (EP)

Second EP from Brooklyn's Parlor Walls.  This EP features Kate Mohanty on saxophone. 

"... the listener can really sink in and savor the expert construction and moody dissonance of its five songs. Opener “Bloodsport” features a recurring instrumental break where sounds of indiscernible origin coalesce with Mohanty’s saxophone riffage. Follow-up “Me Me My” evokes some genuinely creepy minimalist / no wave atmospherics, while “The Key” pounds for two minutes and is gone. “Sundress” presents a moment of hazy beauty and calm before best of both worlds outro “Birthday", a song whose driving “don’t you know I’m perfect?” refrain feels wholly warranted." -Popmatters

Release Date: November 2015


EULA "Wool Sucking" (LP)

Sophomore album from post-punk trio EULA.  

"The Brooklyn trio EULA, who have a spiritual allegiance to the '80s avant-punk scene of Sonic Youth and Teenage Jesus, put a friendly face on an aesthetic synonymous with self-destructive nihilism. Wool Sucking focuses on what frontwoman Alyse Lamb and band do best: writhing rockers and disquieting, oddly affecting ballads." -Stuart Berman, Pitchfork

Release date: March 2015


Parlor Walls "Suspenseful Music" (EP)

Debut EP from skronk art rockers Parlor Walls.

"What does the Parlor Walls album sound like? About eleven minutes of corrosive fun. The guitars distort into the red and crack up, or throw off jagged metal shards of reverb. Creepy organ lingers back in the mix like a stalker, set against an  explosively tight beat." - NY Music Daily

Release date: December 2014